Audit Options

Visual Audit

Perform at transfer station

Empty entire load to view contents

Visually estimate the percentage of material by type

Determine a plan to recycle as much from your waste stream as possible

Comprehensive Audit

Separate 24 hours of waste into categories

Weigh the material in each category

Determine your landfill diversion rate and note practices seen during audit

Make recommendations to increase your landfill diversion rate

Collection Audit

Visually estimate waste in stream containers

Determine waste and recycling collection process flow

Determine equipment needed

Identify current practice by tenants/employees

Make recommendations to create or improve program


A comprehensive waste audit during your performance period is worth one LEED point

We sort and categorize your waste and recycling under the LEED requirements

Provide you with a detailed report, recommendations and completed table 1.1 required under LEED EBom